Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Day of the Snowy Owl

I spent the morning viewing the Snowy Owls who are currently visiting us from the arctic. Incredible to see them, they are magnificent.

There were about 30 of them hanging out at Boundary Bay this morning, more female owls than male. Several flew, so I was able to witness their incredible wingspan. But what I admire most about them is their plummage. The downy, puff puff factor. They even have feathers on their talons and beaks.

Three owls were preening and cleaning with their heads turned backwards and dug deep into their back feathers. One of them puffed her bum up and did a bit of a stretch. The owl who was the furtherest along the dike was very restless and she shifted several times. However they all seemed happy and bright and people were respectful and did not enter the marsh. Except a couple who didn’t go near the owls and walked down to the sea (I think). Personally I would have waited to walk to the sea incase it disturbed them. There are going to be plenty months where you can walk to the sea and this influx of Snowy Owls is so incredible a sight that we don’t want to upset them.

On the way back, we saw a Peregrine Falcon sitting on a barn roof, lots of eagles hanging out at the tops of trees and swans in the fields, but it was the day of the Snowy Owls. That was the day that was in it today. Wow! Such mesmerizing creatures. Am particularly grateful to the friends who insisted I must visit them and drove me there early this morning, despite my protest that I can’t, I’ve too much work to do.

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