Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

The clock on my computer stopped working today at precisely 3.38pm. Since that minute it has been 3.38pm each time I looked at it.

It sometimes catches my eye as I have fed hundreds of pages into my scanner.

Left hand picks up page on left hand side of the table and swings it across. My right hand lifts the scanner lid and left removes one sheet and drops the next one in. Perhaps the right hand too is involved with the placement.

On and on this movement — 169 of them thus far — has marked and kept it’s own time.

I am listening to a Michel Foucault lecture (in English) as I undertake this task. His accent is remarkably clear and punctuated. It reminds me a bit of a melodious lawnmower. I have been listening more to his sounds and navigation of sound that I am not sure I have much clue what he’s talking about and will have to listen to it over again. (P176 has just arrived in the scanner )

The weather is also locked into a repetitive event. It rains! and rains! Tho’ right now (P179) it is not raining and there is no wind at all. The trees are absolutely still.

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