Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Low, low dense clouds. Overcast. The kind of overcast that hints at snow, yet it is seven degrees. Quelle tease.


Last night in a fun, spontaneous outing to watch some kids play beginner jazz music, (charmant- charmante -charmants), two women admired my knitting and biceps. Can there be any better accolade? If we knit will we get those biceps? one asked. I had to confess precisely what kind of knitting they’d get if they knitted the way I do. “eccentric” is the adjective my capable knitting friend uses. “disastrous” would be my own. I resisted adding “er what biceps?”

Some hot ports & good Connemara company later,  I discovered a misjudgement on the size of the ribbing on the two additional, eccentric front panels of the vest. A significant disparity! Oh dear it’s actually beyond eccentric at this point. V hard to edit knitting, rather your mistakes are recorded like permanent bruises. The joy will come after for the interpreters of those bruises. When I look at the errors once it is finished, I will remember the sound track of what or who I was listening to as I knitted that section.

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