Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Knitting is so mathematical. This is so unfortunate. How to be a rebel knitter and cast off with the number requirement?!

I discovered my major calamity was caused by a number mix up. Needles that say 9mm are not number 9 needles it turns out.

No they are number 13 bloody needles!

So imagine a number 13 needle on a number 9 body and you have a 25 percent disparity, the experts told me yesterday. An elephant sized jumper.

Yesterday another knitter who I was socializing with taught me “continental” knitting. I am v confused by this term. Which continent exactly?! The left handed continent? It is very hard to do it, unless maybe you are left handed inwhich case it’s probably fantastic.

The good news is today the birthday man for whom the jumper is intended and was measured for it was very thrilled to see the-mess-in-progress it is. It’s a comfort though to knit for someone who is so enthusiastic to receive it whatever the outcome. (I hope that enthusiasm does not drop at the final purled furlong).


In unrelated news I’ve nearly finished Dan Francis book Red Light Neon. The chief of police was always it seemed very knitted to what was taking place in the city and the atmosphere therein. Also, the Vagrancy act, it’s definition and how that related to women was another curious quagmire.

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