Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Several weeks ago or more I asked a writer to correspond about an author we’re both reading. The person doesn’t have email so we agreed to do so by mail.

I have written several letters in my mind explaining that the book remains sealed in plastic wrapper and instead I’ve read four other unrelated books.

Finally I took a journey to buy a piece of paper and an envelope to write the letter that would say I have not yet opened the book. More than another week has passed and I have yet to retrieve the specially journeyed for piece of paper from my bag.

Yesterday, dealing with a challenging assignment, I had the idea I should type the letter and then print it and stick it to the paper.

The letter will also say that it is being written because I want to walk to the post office. Why do I want to walk to the post office? Because there’s a woman who works there I want to have a conversation with and tell her some news. Each time I go there she’s not working. I am certain if I take this particular letter, she will be there.

Now I have typed out a description of the letter and still have failed to write the letter.


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