Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Late to the gate I may be, but I am on fire having caught up with the details of Theresa Treacy vs the ESB and eirGrid (however the hell you spell it).

I think Theresa should get the Nobel for standing up to these bullies. I am sick to the back teeth of women being bullied this way. (And believe me I have come up against bullies myself this year) To think she was languishing in a prison cell, while these madman duffers are barrelling across her land on Quads and pulping her trees to the ground.

Sweet effin’ Jesus.

On the upside, when I read about the courage and steadfast determination she displayed it reminds me there’s nothing like the determined Irish woman. I am delighted to be the offspring of one and the descendent of many more. My mother reported she’d her own words had with the ESB when they came onto her land and flattened all her grass. No better woman for the job!

It reminds me how much I miss such women in my daily life. I can hear the echos of them as I type and they make me smile. And you’ll be able to meet one in my forthcoming novel Malarky this spring.

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