Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

I was a little premature in my last post there. The system landed. The first Rainfall Warning this season. I was out running in it, until I realized that I am not Murakami and better get home before I perish. A woman smoking a ciggarette let out a yelp in Spanish as she passed me under a tree that was probably not complimentary.


In woodwork reports. I completed my first bookshelf. Not without its challenges namely I accidentally gave it a waistline and had to go back and cut every single shelf I’d attached about 2cm less. One of the shelves was v distressed by my accidental waistlining and A Line Skirt approach to book shelves. I forgot that top part was 3 cm or so bigger on account of the sides and made all the shelves identical.

Fear not this woodwork pirate will not make that mistake again!

Unfortunately my left forearm went into a complete muscular freefall after screwing in 10 + screws, unscrewing them all and rescrewing them all. My eyelid is also unhappy at my treating it like a knee and not covering it amidst the rising sawdust. And the saw bounced off the chair and inserted itself into my finger decoratively enough. But you have to take your wounds when engaged in off the wall spruce enterprises.

But they are now complete and very handsome. Even if there are still a few dubious qualities to their construction.

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