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Today I took my second terrific tumble in Vancouver. It was v odd, but not uninteresting. A peculiar lip arrangement between the pavement and maybe a grass gravel interlude, my ankle turned over and major WHAMBLE! Down I went. Boom. Flattened. Even more weirdly on my back.  Left arm took the worst of it, but reliable Catholic bones continue to refuse to break, thank Christ.  Swell they might. What a shock I received. And not just me, a loved up Lesbian couple were passing right at that moment and were terribly kind to this flattened shorty. My last tumble was in the eyeshot of a man walking a dog and would definitely recommend this particular couple of women over him. Sadly I am remembering this is my 3rd Vancouver tumble. As there was also the bicycle tumble.

In Dublin my tradition was not tumbling, but crashing into stationary objects.  I had this tendency towards walking and reading and would omit to factor in lamp posts.

Today when I fell I was thinking about tattoos. I have decided to get one that will have 3 somethings in it. I’ve settled on a Japanese oak..

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