Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Last night at gymnastics a young woman told me she’d already attended Cross Fit class three times that day. Three times! That in food terms would be like eating three whole turkeys yourself. Cross Fit, as I understand it, is a form of exercise that verges on the type of training competitive athletes undertake. It sound punishing to attend it for more than the five minute range.

Today another woman told me she attends yoga classes twice a day! What’s with all this duplication?

I have to confess to spending much of my time at gymnastics undertaking sociological questioning of three young males on their generation and its current dilemmas and perceptions therein. (early 20’s) They are quite fun and offer all kinds of advice on my son and ask me puzzling questions on unrelated matters. Yesterday one of them had a back injury and I attempted to talk sense into him on the need for ice and rest and recovery, which appeared to make little impact. Curiously tho’ for my part I find their insights and advice on young males, high school, sports (not injuries), video games etc compelling and I listen closely between the more jovial banter. The thought occurred to me that my inquiries may be the equivalent to asking someone age 70 to comment on the high level of hip replacements.

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