Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


My eyes are out on sticks after hours and hours of copy-reading (if there’s copy-editing, there must be copy-reading?) my novel Malarky. It’s strangely like being at sea. In between these hours I take the odd short walk or today allowed myself a balmy trans-atlantic conversation with a dear dote of a friend. It was late night her time and mid afternoon ours. I was so discombobulated from my reading I stared at the reflection of my own kitchen in the computer camera image and thought I was looking at her house in Ireland. I admired her shelves aloud and then thought that’s strange why’s my head in her kitchen?! The laughter transcended all time zones.

This reading and rereading and checking is endless and makes the day timeless. Indoors when others are out, when the sun is up. When you’re indoors this way, you could be any place in the world. Because the world you are in is so (anxiously) consuming. The world of get it done, let it be over. On my two walks I thought of other books the entire time.


Yesterday in a similar work pattern, I took a break and joined some friends at The Fair which was taking place at the Waldorf Hotel. I was intrigued by the wiki snaps projection in the closet of the Filip/Motto Books room as they (with added explanation) revealed to me how narrow ‘open source’ can be in its inbuilt policies and I enjoyed the attempt at subverting such. Outside, a shipping container houses the FIT project. When I looked at the images inside it, in its other incarnations it has taken over abandoned-industrial spaces and it occurred to me that here in Vancouver it would probably be difficult to find such a space to take over given how tied up developers are with any small patch of land.

All the way home I wondered why The Fair would want or seek to replicate A Fair the way it did? It’s so redolent of Vancouver’s ongoing positioning effort as World Class City. I truly wish it would cease and accept it’s a logging town and use that as a departure point instead. The matter of what The Fair set out to replicate actually obstructed  the possibility of a broader and more compelling engagement with (occupation of) that space. Another thing that occurred to me is since we are awash with funding disasters and Artist Run Centres face challenges around finding affordable space in the city, I wondered if future reconfigurations might involve transient occupations of transient spaces by multiple galleries for temporary periods of time as the norm.  The recent debate around zoning of industrial land could be expanded to include zoning on “creative” plots of land within that land. The way green space is factored into condo developments. I think co-existance between art spaces and industrial zones may be the only workable solution to the current dilemmas.  l find those industrial areas fascinating.

On another note some audio from the Rereading the Riot Act event (along with a medley of other recent Unit/Pitt audio recordings) was being broadcast at The Fair via Unit/Pitt Radio. I understand this radio will be also audible at 15 E Pender from Monday for anyone who might be passing that location. I love this audio initiative!

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