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Anxiety Asunder

I am reading Reality Hunger — A Manifesto by David Shields. God help me but it is like going down a ladder and having a spade shoved into your liver at every rung.

I don’t like nor dislike it per se. It is engaging and then infuriating and inbetween infurigaging.

One of the most immediate noticeables is how for all he demands this and that and dismisses and disputes, he paid scant attention to his own tone in his tome.

Much of what he states so far (I am in maybe the 70’s) I can agree with, however then he takes off down some dead bolt drift and oblivious to his own (emphatic)  tone manages to contradict the very thing he posits.

If I had the time I’d write a similarly numbered Manifesto back to him or even a numbered response.

The problem with the deadbolt drift to dogma is one can almost hear the chorus of approval awaiting and clapping as he pulls into his platform and there’s nothing worse when you’re reading something that so clearly desires to be an interrogation or an uncovering. Ironically he’s placed it, sometimes, in terms that suspend any uncovering as the tent is so firmly pitched it won’t allow the wind up its gusset!

Before Hunger comes Appetite. This is Indigestion rather than Hunger.

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