Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


This is a Met Eireann forecast, but it could nearly be our forecast right here on another West coast.

Occasional heavy showers.Lows 3-7C.Bright Tuesday with scattered showers.Cloudy, drizzly weather will develop on W coast later.Highs 13-16C.

I just reviewed our longer term and summer forecast. It will be wet and cold right through June, so the speculation goes. Yet the summer rainfall chart suggests below normal. We really have to compete for data, all the detailed weather analysis seems to always favour the East of the country. We have weather too! It may not seem as drastic, but when you’re living under the dripping pipe as we have been the latter weeks, it has its own drastic note that demands interrogation and an understanding of whether there is any variety to be found within it. (I am convinced there is, but have yet to raise any army of agreement over it!)

The great thing about the constant drizzle is how much you notice the colours once it, momentarily, abates. Somehow tho’ the drizzle needs to be embraced and all its qualities explored and examined.




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