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Sky knob

Of all the things that baffle me and there are a sizeable volume, attempting to open a plane door while it is flying propels me to a new level of confusion. In a quickety-click look I have just noted 8 incidents of it came up on a BBC news search.

To even peer out that tiny porthole thing on exit door is utterly terrifying. To actively attempt a wander out into the clouds ? What precisely does the door opener think is out there ?  A dainty breeze and a carpet of daisies ? A deckchair and a flask of tea? I truly think we must invest a great deal more money in portable brain scanners and general investigation of the old noggin.


A bit more reading on the science and apparently it’s actually not possible for a passenger to manage to open a plane door since the cabin is pressurized and because of the shape of the doors and the way they fit. Thus we still need to further understand the intention of why someone would want to do such a thing.

Both men and women have been arrested for it & charged, alcohol is regularly a factor, so is anxiety and in one case a woman decided she wanted to smoke a cigarette.

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