Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Today a blast of sunshine looks promising … I might manage to plant another few square feet of my proposed square foot garden. How and ever, so far the first square foot has not yielded any sign of life in it whatsoever.

But the Flowerman gave me a first class tutorial on the shed door lock that surely will result in triumph and will yield the garden fork.

I had great anxiety about not being able to get into the garden this summer, but it’s rescinding. The Gods are smiling on me !

My fellow gardeners have planted bee friendly plants in different spots in the garden and labelled them with these dotey handwritten “bee friendly plant” signs, which make me think of my bee-friendliest friend Madame Beespeaker.

Marie beside me has planted her peas and beans (one or both) and her garden is waking up. My gardening companion and chief critic my son has also visited and filled the wheel barrow with compost for me. Merci mon cher.

Yesterday we took a walk, 14 paces til the rain started, we lumbered on and in and out of patchy showers for an hour. Lovely it was despite both coming home sniffing. I live in a great neighbourhood for garden watching and observing and cataloguing.

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