Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

I was just making a current reading list of material I have been ploughing through (or more accurately thinking about ploughing through or having cracked some of it then flittered away off) when it occurred to me that one of the curious things about working on two very contrasting projects simultaneously (reading for them on the one channel that is the one brain I possess) is how blurred the boundaries become.

Thus I plucked Mr Benjamin’s Arcades Project from the carpet associating it with one area of work I am doing before alighting on the truth. Not at all. It may seem appropriate research to the one project, but it was actually sought in relation to writing of a piece of fiction. I had a moment of “spritz” in realizing that. A kind of fizz on the fact I’d forgotten for what purpose I’d sought it and it had crossed over and been filed in an irrelevant part of my brain

Then I remembered how I came to seek it, again an entirely contrasting topic that would be unlikely to bring you toward fiction.  In the considering and revising of this index I have written only two titles on the reading list and fatigued on compiling anymore. It’s too administrative a task with the temptation of digesting paragraphs instead and I’d need an inbetween reading list and what purpose would there be in recording such a thing. Better to live it than record it.

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