Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

A perplexing evening at City Hall. More surreal than any Buñuel film. The bovine standing on your foot who insists he’s a goat, then duckling, then merely a raisin. Then no infact he’s rain and this a drought if you hadn’t noticed. A drought in a rain forest.

Tee-shirts insisting on the saving of jobs not yet created, anticipatory job cuts because this government has such a reliable record on slashing employment and contracting out to American multinationals clearly. One tee shirt wearer whom I talked to admitted he didn’t even work at the casino currently!

God this tiresome term job growth, “we need employment” tooting. It’s as informative as letting us know there is a day of the week called Sunday. We needs jobs as a response to legitimizing whatever kind of enterprise well it’s like suggesting we need blood and so must go out and bash up the neighbour to obtain it.

Words overheard from a casino exec/ BC gaming dudes (who are easily distinguished by their bad suits, no aesthetic even with cash) being interviewed way, way, way down the end of a corridor where no one stood…. “due diligence, good for the city, we can show, the reaction is not unexpected…”

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