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Responsible response responds

Another snip from a CBC news story that tickled my eyebrow on reading: this one is about the cut price sale of Olympic Village condos

“Rennie {Bob} says taxpayers of Vancouver, who are currently financially responsible for the project, should be pleased with the response.”

I scanned the story for taxpayers response and found in the next few paras the following “response”

“…Organizer Nathan Crompton says a tent village will be erected at the site on Saturday.

‘I hope that Vancouver sees this as a city-wide issue and that thousands of people come down and to say that we are going to disrupt this marketing effort every day until we get the housing legacy that was promised,’  said Crompton…”

(The response refers to the slashing of the number of units that were allocated for Social Housing from 250 to 125 )

The presumption of how people should be feeling by Mr Rennie is an interesting one and the equation that they should be pleased with the slashing of the market price and the concurrent number of allocated social housing units is curious. That we should actually feel something about Real Estate as an entity, the way we would say about Aunty Margo getting her hip replaced and be clattering each other about the kidneys for the response to our responsibility intrigues me. Real Estate being our presumed collective blood group. We are nothing without it. Apparently we nothing with it either. And because of it we’ll likely become nothing also. Real Estate having the power to raise us up and lower us down.  What a befuddling concept. Bob directs us as the bobbing city lights chorus from his balcony. (step back, ball change, and one and two and three ball change).

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