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This latest “bandy them up backwards” term that appears to cover legitimizing any and all public spending cuts, military budget increases and corporate tax scams is file folded under “create job growth”. (In a global world there’s barely any need to state your geography anymore. Pick a country. Or a State.

Plans that promise to “create job growth” make no mention of the kinds and volume of jobs they plan to eliminate in order to create growth. Is the growth going to be in the letters that will be sent to people informing them of the fact they no longer have a job? Or is the growth factor in the industry created around researching ways and never read reports and consultants to tell various govts how to reduce people’s jobs and benefits?

What’s a job? What is a service? And what is being in the service of? What is being served by?

This is an interesting class distinction that’s being created with this private sector poor vs the public sector poor. So private sector poor tells public sector poor you must be poorer the way they’ve managed to make me poorer by eroding any chance of joining a union. Meanwhile Private Sector wealth tells private sector poor he’s out to save him because it’s public sector poor who is robbing him blind. Add buzz words like fiscal and reality for dizziness and proceed one arm swinging…

Reading some of this thinking … it’s like the 1930’s never happened.

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