Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky


Today I took a painful tumble. Initially it was a funny tumble. No, that’s no the truth.

Initially it was an average step.

It was an average step down a series of concrete stairs that look as they do not belong in the landscape they are located. This could explain why it was necessary to fall down them.

Ankle and knee or ankle or knee one disappeared from under me. It simply refused to function. Did that ever happen to you? Usually on a flat surface you run or walk and for no explicable reason your ankle or knee gives way and you recover contemplating that air in the joints… that’s exactly what it is it is the entrance of wind into the interior joint and well…

Whatever it is you recover.

If however you are descending a set of steps it is a tad more complicated since you have no flat surface to recover on, you’re recovering on the steep decline which means no recovering which means WHAMBLE .. flat on your arse.

Flat on your arse is the best possible outcome.

In this combination of circumstances it wasn’t the outcome.  A kind of washing machine style dive ensued and my left hand third finger took the brunt of it. Lower back and shoulder also post tumble have registered the fact that in the height of the moment they were ignored but … in actual fact they took a whacking too.


It then became a very funny tumble for two hours this was how I related to it.


It gathered itself however and determined that no, it was more than just amusement.


It was (and is) now pain.


It would permit me to relieve precisely what I ignored during its moment for an extended moment of the next 5-7 hours.


What is the science behind public tumbles as opposed to Private tumbles?

Do they hurt less at the time because there are witnesses?

Do they hurt more in the aftermath because there were witnesses that are no longer?

Is it possible that there is nothing interesting about them at all and that is why they take place on full display with the highest possible opportunity for scrutiny and witness?



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