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It appeared to take a mere few days for the govt to order an investigation into the killing of a hundred dogs by a private enterprise, while the murdered women, who it should be noted continue to be murdered (4 in the same period of public outcry over the working dogs who were slaughtered) took how long? Years and years and years.

What is the difference in this response, is it the ferocity of public outcy, that when people demonstrate vocal concern their govt responds — if so why do people continue to accept the murder of (mainly) aboriginal women? There’s some sort of inherent, passive acceptance of these women’s deaths. And if they wish to understand the mistreatment of animals they might begin with some of the more glaring inequalities in the way we treat humans.

There were two young Native women (17) murdered in this province the same week that the dogs were killed. Their stories were dwarfed by the dog outcry.  When is the govt going to announce a task-force to examine the targeting of young women, and to actively excavate the kinds of fragilities and circumstances that young women in marginalized communities face. I mean on the ground today, not in a courtroom after the fact.  Another recent news story involving the deaths of two young Native women in Vancouver on the same night illustrates an urgent need for this.


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