Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Skytrain to Rio Taxi

During last Friday’s Taxi! intervention Lori and I continued with a technique of inquiry from our previous collaboration for Chaos and that Lori had employed in her other works. On the way home I was asking Lori about the exchanges that came out of her security deployment and was fascinated to hear there were geographic repetitions within peoples stories. Two told stories that related to Rio (was it ?). The next day I remembered hearing an identical type of story that took place in Burnaby. The intervention took place in an industrial area of Vancouver. If we were to map the trail of the lines in the stories they would have gone Vancouver – Rio – Vancouver – Rio – Vancouver – Burnaby. I like the idea of taking say a train to Rio to arrive in Burnaby.  All the world’s a stage … and so on.

Curiously, as is my talent for not turning left, I managed on the way home to keep turning right and we ended up back where we started from until the fateful “left turn” re-arrived. So in fact we were turning right for Rio and finally left for home.

It may have Buenos Aires ? Not Rio. But it was certainly Burnaby not Bandung. (A friend of mine did a parachute jump in Bandung and promptly landed in a bush and broke her arm, but I don’t know anyone whose parachuted into a bush in Burnaby. The aforementioned parachute jump was problematic only because she had promised her mother, who was vehemently opposed to parachute jumps, she’d never do another one.)

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