Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

There were only 3 of us at gymnastics last night, the coach offered us a trampoline class. It was fun: undulating instead of the linear furrow of tumbling. Initially I was tentative, my balance all over the ship, but then the fella beside me told me how when he loses his focus or mucks up on the floor he visits the trampoline to gain his groove back.

I saw what he was talking about, once you settle in with it, it’s rather like breathing. This particular trampoline is very powerful and it’s where all the competitive young gymnasts learn to throw their most complicated and double twisting “I’m heading into outer space” moves that have names I cannot remember.

Later we moved to the tumbling tramp (which is a like sprung tumbling floor — big long line of lift) and worked on individual moves of our choice. I decided to embrace front tuck somersault, since my linking moves have been giving me such trouble. I am now adding a brand new pie to my oven!

The soundtrack of the rain was extraordinary last night, echoing around the gym. Louder than the boomy stereo system that always seems beset with the very worst of music.

A good night’s work — long overdue.

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