Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Two major items to report. The first the non appearance of the BBC promised colour coded Grey clouds. Where were they? Did you see them? If spotted — report immediately to Mrsokana’s weather centre here. I remember today as a stunning sunny day. Or was that yesterday? Watch it BBC weather, I’m on ya…  There is a fantastic clip on youtube of the famous storm the woman phoned in about that Michael Fish insisted would not occur and…

Secondly, I have finally secured a potato masher and it was a narrow victory. Meet the contemporary Canadian potato masher, in case you aren’t acquainted: it does not say it’s a potato masher, but a tiny slice of lettering on the shelf that could be detected only by a ladybird said it. Technically it

is half a masher….

I explained my turbulent lack of potato masher and onset of acquisition of this one (waving it) to the man in front of me at the check out who declared his own masher insubstantial and thanked me for acquainting him with this modern masher. I think Gordon Campbell’s resignation has made people at check outs rosy round the cheeks. We all had a good old laugh.

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