Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

One of the dilemmas of organs is how interconnected they are, thus the ear, though it mainly sits on the side of the head and doesn’t get a great deal of attention is a vital aspect of doing the hoovering. Because the old ear and its parts keep us upright.

I have been forced to seriously address the quandary of whether a decent woman of forty should be able to swim. I think she should. I think she should wear a good green cardigan and she should swim. If a ferry sinks say she should swim away from it. How and ever, it appears that if the process of attaining such decency means said daycent cardigan’d woman has her ear on the pavement, well then a reassessment is in order.

I may have to give up the swimmin, which is not yet quite swimmin because the ear is keepin me awake and I don’t think there’s any point in being awake and pained, when the swimming is fact so shite.

Ce soir it threatened to derail the Wednesday tumbling. The serious sport! The real sport! At one point when throwing a back handspring my balance was so off I was rotating with and on only one arm and the prevailing wind the entire time was acute dizziness.

There are some wonderful new characters in the class. A round faced enthusiastic man who beamed to me that he was going to the splits by next Feb. Very good says I, work away. More males who have joined and who are fixated on somersaults. The people are really good fun and were very inquiring of our recent performance art piece and the gymnastic elements. Howd it go, they all wanted to know.

Indeed I’ve been v touched by the level of inquiry generally into the piece, long distance video calls pressing for every detail, bless, bless, I am blessed with loving and supportive friends. It is one of the greatest pleasures of my life, friendships so full of consistent caring and warmth.  As my sister said in June, my friends are too good to me.

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