Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

On this day in the mail box lay:

– a strange news broadcast sheet from a realtor (estate agent) advising us on property sales dips in the area, in hushed tones like it was the food supply.  I quote

“While we experience moments of concern whenever the market records significant drop in activity, there is comfort in predictability…”

Come again, what have we done to invite such broadcasts? I expect such ruminating on the levels of blood at the blood bank. Not Condo sales.


– A flyer for Mark’s Works World (and I hasten to add favoured reading material at the blue kitchen table — I have been known to slink about at the back of Marks in an illicit manner picking up steel toed boots…)

On the flyer nude except knicker wearing Calvin Klein male and frolicking female — the slogan “Comfort is the new sexy”. Yes indeed v Mark’s Work World. Hang hammer on six pack. Hitch road signage to delicate vest.

Hello Plant Mark’s have you lost the complete run of yourself?

We visit you to salivate over fluorescent jackets and tire gauges and woollen socks!

Inside said leaflet only practical clothing boasting insulation to -15. Nude and knickerly indeed.

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