Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

I am molto perplexed by the current weather system. This in part because for the first stretch of it I was in Victoria and following what was happening up on the North of Vancouver Island. I have yet to entirely understand which way the system has gone since. I thought I was reckoning on it, and then today — what the heck ? Somehow someone turned on the sunshine. Er? I am still dipped in the green indicators on the map of epic precipitation.

See the weather requires adept daily study. You cannot assume you’ve got your eye on it, you literally need to be necking with a barometer three times a day. I am dissatisfied with my level of study. Plus things remain dubious on the swimming front.  But I was watching a most uplifting sight! A bunch of women over 60+ who swim each day in some frosty coastal spot in Ireland. And only an ordinary swimsuit on them! Mna na h’E appear to be furlined against the deep freeze. There’s me with my swimming jumper heading into the indoor pool. I even wear it in the hot tub.  Clearly I need new feathers.

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