Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

There’s something redolent of BC Ferries around here these days, especially near the kitchen, just movements of loading and unloading and setting sail and returning to the same port. (kitchen sink).

We so enjoyed our summer, I think it was my favourite summer ever since I moved here, but that could be a tie for the summer we went every night to swimming pool when the outdoor pool was still there. That was summer I decided public swimming pools were terrific and I concluded must be even more fun when you can actually swim.

I even had a swimming pool baking ritual, but I have forgotten what it was. Some kind of lumpy oatmeal mound with currants in it which is extraordinary considering I cannot bake either.

Cue music from Grease is the word.

There was also a summer where I sat on a couch in San Francisco that was v comfortable — the competition is mounting now. And there was the summer Edel visited and we found that dead squirrel who carped it inside a plant pot at the beak of a hawk and well … yeah I didn’t do so well with that and poor Delly had to deal with the carcass while I howled.

An gC leat DDD?

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