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First day back, already calling in the favours…

Am not quite sure how I am going to get done all the work I have on between now and the Sept 25, but the one constant that I have to return to every day is the need for the physical. Gymnastics recommences on Weds. We had a one week break and this will be felt painfully in the shoulders and much more joyfully in the brain. Tonight we hit the swimming pool, I am determined with the swimming mission, and who knows maybe, just maybe I could be making progress. Had a v interesting chat with a short woman, with v impressive shoulders, in the hot tub who told me her daughter is a major ballerina and then described the injuries they sustain. Jeepers! Most importantly my son needs to have fun, so tonight we carried on reading our Letters from a nut book to considerable laughter. They are getting repetitious but we continue to delight in many of them and laugh aplenty.  The last book I think we had this much giggling over may have been The Edmonton stories book which included the mighty Toonerville Trolley saga and enamoured me ever more to Edmonton, a place I’ve never set foot.

The trouble with being busy is my thoughts need longer than most to ferment. They tend to do barn dances around the world before they settle on a particular tract.  I also will not have time to pay attention to post boxes, which is disappointing. I will be like some of these characters who annoy me in Vancouver in the bakery, so pressed for time, they cannot acknowledge the person behind the counter as a human being with stories to share.

The other day I was quite appalled by a woman, on a bank holiday no less, cranking and hussling beside me because the gal behind the counter was telling me about a deck she was building with her mother. Heck the woman, a twenty year old,  is building a deck! How magnificent ! And you cannot afford 30 seconds to hear her out and now with your impatience you’ll prohibit me from hearing the mighty details on the deck building. Blimey this neophyte but accomplished shelf builder certainly wanted to hear tales of waving 2 x 4’s (is that what they are called, I don’t have time God darn it to look it up), I am truly astonished at people building things.  And the silly thing is whenever I have a problem I often get it fixed by those women in the bakery.  One time my cooker blew its fuse and one of the women there instructed me perfectly how to find and replace the thing. Another time when I fell over pretty badly, lo and behold another woman who worked there had fallen in the exact same spot quite far from said bakery — how welcome was that, someone who knew precisely where I’d tumbled and had taken the identical tumble!

I’m being hailed.

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