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Means of production: a covered walkway

At the Means of Production garden tea party today I learned much about the Burrard Bridge. The Means of Production (MOP) is a fascinating garden space run and used by artists to cultivate materials that they use in their art production. Last year, I think it was, I went to another tea party and Lori taught me how to save seeds and I scooped some to keep the bees happy.

I planted them in a corner of my garden but I think my ineptitude ended their reign fairly swiftly, nothing much has ever grown in that particular spot, so perhaps there’s a big clump of chimney bricks down there.

Today Peter was telling me about a walkway that exists beneath the Burrard Bridge, but that the city shut down during the depression because people had begun to move in there. Seemingly this walkway was a route under the bridge, across the bridge, if it was raining. The public descended a bunch of stairs, I think if I heard right, and could walk across through this covered walkway. This is such a perfect concept for November rains here.

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