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Box ****

Today’s dilemma was the disappearence of the red mail box (post box). I had a letter to post and a hard time finding a mail box.

Then Ding Ding! I will look up and find a map of all the mail boxes in Vancouver so I can carry it with me. But no map. Just this message from Canada Post

Our red Street Letter Boxes are a standard feature of the Canadian urban landscape and are conveniently located in public areas such as street corners, shopping centers and public transit locations.

Canada Post boast there are 900,000 places across Canada to post a letter. Am I alone in thinking given the size of this country that’s not very many?! In fact I think that number in one place would keep the population of Kamloops happy because we all know it’s necessary to have 10 postboxes per person.

But I did learn some spectacular news — you can indeed print a stamp online, so I set about investigating clickety-click and

The Canada Post Ship-in-a-click tool you have chosen is not available at this time.

We are actively working towards a solution to resolve this issue.

We thank you for your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please try again later.

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