Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

There has been a weather event of sorts. A haze, think duvet of haze that has besieged us from the forest fires (carefully recorded on c’est blog).

I do not recall such a bad haze as this previously. This evening I read that some of it may be coming from Russia, via Prince George. I stared at the sky beyond VGH today and could not see no sign of any downtown building, let alone the normal mound of mountains, hither and thither.

My thoughts turn to the people who live or are evacuated away from the 400+ burning fires because if this haze is the blown South and dispersed version, Lord knows how their lungs must fare.

There are the usual government moans about the cost and budget to fight the fires. I continue to follow the numbers of fires, causes and so on rather than bellyaching about costs. The fact is the place is on fire and we need to contemplate it and mitigate, if possible, against it becoming even more forceful. I don’t know how, but there are some bold, bloody genius’s among us who may be inclined towards ideas. Bring on the backyard inventors.

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