Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Doris, of terracota experiment gardening fame, has diagnosed my mystery flowering plant, which I am praying to every pagan is a cucumber,  as bearing fruit, but “fruit as yet unknown.” Doris reports that the terracotta experiment is working. She waters via these sunken terracotta wine coolers. She has v contemporary looking swirly spike things for her pumpkin and tomatoes to grow up. Unfortunately her tomato took exception on the left side and collapsed earth bound.

Liz, gardener en face, cut a, we estimate, 22 inch bean today. Her mum is a gardener and she has a gardening blog which I will link to when I find it.

The arugula may yet be saved, but the tension between it and the spuds has not lessened. It is miserable looking, but I’ve got to revive it somehow.


I have made so many shelves I have run out of wood. I calculate I have used almost 80 anchors. Such is the success I may have to reward myself with a drill which has a functioning and engaging clutch, rather than this banjaxed half-hearted bunny effort.


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