Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

It’s looking a bit RIP on the arugula plant. My dulcet tones are doing nothing for him.

Major industrial watering. Pushed two dustbins full of water across the big busy road.

If you have a hose and a water supply, admire it, enjoy it.

Made a debut visit to the new Hillcrest swimming pool. Lots of wood, lots of light, lots of noise. It’s a “leisure” pool idea, which I think may be borrowed from those British leisure centres I know about because a friend of a friend wrote an article in the Grauniad saying how much she loathed them.

My verdict is it is a fine facility if you are a strong swimmer or if you are a small person who enjoys leisure style swimming and water park paddling.

If you are a short arse, or middling to disastrous swimmer, it’s very hard to find out exactly where you can swim. The shallow end would send you to GF Strong and the deep end would drown you. I think perhaps the swimming pool depth varies so have to figure out when exactly it’s a pool where you can swim halfway, if your feet don’t touch the ground turn around quickly and swim back and make it to your 40th birthday party.

The pool is a good place to run into folk you haven’t seen in a while. Today I ran into a woman who’d not only grown another baby, but birthed him and he was already 5 months old! Er? How’d I miss that? I have seen her about I am sure.

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