Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Whatever BC Day is, I had a good one in the Downtown Eastside. Had a bowl of sausage and kale soup at Carnegie, and a good chat with some women about knitting. I wanted to find some particular buildings today for an idea I am smouldering on. I almost found them, but was much more interested in the street activity and human interactions going on around me and with me.

An ambulance attended at Insite and likely saved another life, thanks to a progressive and intelligent approach to addiction continually under threat by our unprogressive and distant Federal government, whose approach is tantamount to lighting a bonfire around the problem, and expecting whistles and spittle to put it out.

The Army and Navy were selling, front of the store, the thickest woolly jumpers and cardigans, while  the welly boots were on floodlit display downstairs. Outside it was scorching hot. I enjoyed the contradiction and indulged in a bit of cardigan shopping because it is over very quickly. Cardigan? check, black? check, arms? check. you’ll do.

On the way back, again I tried to find a particular buiilding, but instead I ended up noticing how many people were reading or searching for things on the pavement.  I was trying to look for the less obvious, quieter moments. The hind milk, as it were. There’s a lot of waiting and searching happening there.

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