Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Raucous, fun discussion and dinner last night with artists, librarian, musician friends, who generously delivered me to the “stacks” in their basement to choose some books to adopt. Ha! I am feasting upon a book with a section about the miners strike in 1934 in Flin Flon and women’s role. Nabbed a few other odd 80’s BC books including a part II of a book called Portage.

Thrilled to discover another  acquaintance I ran into in a caff has both of Juan Butler’s other books that I have been hunting for and very determined to read!

Recently (and at said above gathering) we encountered Wii Rockband. So much fun! I played some other sports games like football that was so unbelievably difficult I am certain going to medical school would be less taxing than try to get these mini fellas to stop running off the pitch. It tumbled me into a state of dizziness after 7 mins to a cacophony of small male groaning as I could not manage to keep my players on the pitch. Then out of nowhere, I don’t know what I pushed or how but I scored a goal! That turned small male groaning to small male astonishment a bit of … bloody hell what just happened.  Unfortunately an experience I could not repeat. But so much fun. Too much fun. Waving things in the air, whacking drumsticks and punk rock singing impressions. I could be v tempted by it.

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