Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Why do readers/viewers insist on repositioning a work in relation to themselves as a starting point? Why not reposition yourself in relation to the work and engage within its four corners, rather than your own? Then by all means return to your own.

I am currently reading a work that if I didn’t reposition myself I would be unable to read it and there are so far two very vital things within it, in addition to an overwhelming pile of sexist drivel. But the consideration of these two other things should not be lost, nor should the matter be overlooked that sexist windbags very much exist and have existed in the world. If anything such documentation enlightens as to how reductive they are and it’s a honest portrait.

I’ve also noticed how Twitter is increasingly a process by which the world is repositioned according to the I. The Moi. A kind of hark this is how the world sees me, (RT) pay heed and smudge budge this is how I want to be seen, take note. And in between it’s not-stop alignment. I went to Twitter to exchange on ideas and garner reading suggestions. I certainly have done that with some individuals, but the mud bath of alignment and political calculation and popularity vox pops is tedious.

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