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Random generation (Possibly Related Posts) is pretty funny. An old post on this blog, a review of an art installation during the Olympics that I took a fairly dim view on now pops up as a “you might like this” alongside an explicit description of a young woman’s sexual exploits as she rides her way across random males in London. My original post is about as sexy as a stale baguette, so Lord knows exactly how they have randomly achieved relevance.

In any case the diary of the gal getting it on is a way better read (if at times disturbing. I also wonder if it is not actually written by a male). Strangely though it hasn’t generated a link in reverse, so you cannot get to it from my post.

I can imagine the disappointed fringes in high elevated state after reading Story of (London) Eye type blog, then clicking on my review and shaking their bangs in dismay.

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