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hover I

We are at the age where chunks of rock songs get repeatedly sung 54 times a day. It’s a wonderful age. The content, in a new context, is v fun. When my child was small he enjoyed the Steve Miller Band (paternal influence) and it was rather curious to see a 4 year old singing about the trouble he was having finding a job or working real hard the whole day through and struggling to manage his temperamental women and so on.

Now, however, we’re in the stalled what I call hover land. (not to be confused with hovercraft, which would actually move someplace). The mind catches certain chunks of songs by it seems only ONE band and they exude out of his pores day and night.

I get to concentrate on the words in those 2 or 3 sentences. In public they are accompanied by a charming left handed air guitar. Our living space can’t accommodate too much air guitar or you’ll end up with a fractured wrist. So in public the words become even more vivid!

Unconnected p’haps but I am back thinking about single line reading of texts. A kind of fixated reading of the single lines, that would be slow and careful and you can feel each word digest through the six stomachs. It struck me reading Beckett’s How it is last month. Then a gap. A Sunday reread with even more determination and I shall have to tell you what happened. First though, a phone call, it is my ma’s birthday!

H-a-p-p-y B-i-r-t-h-d-a-y H-a-n-n-a-h (delores, cecelia etc)

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