Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

That should have been factory extension into home, since the houses would have sprung up around the factory.

Since the boom we’ve seen housing push housing away from jobs into commuter belts and now with jobs disappeared … the commuter belt becomes what? The Terrain Vague of the burst bubble?


In Walter Benjamin’s essay he talked of the time of Louis Phillipe and the following shift for the bourgeoisie:

“For the private individual the place of dwelling is for the first time opposed to the place of work…

…The private individual, who in the office has to deal with reality, needs the domestic interior to sustain him in his illusions. This necessity is all more pressing since he has no intention of allowing his commercial considerations to impinge on social ones. In the formation of his private environment, both are kept out. From this arise the phantasmagorias of the interior-which, for the private man, represents the universe. In the interior, he brings together the far away and the long ago. His living room is a box in the theater of the world.” (PARIS. THE CAPITAL OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY)


Last night I had the strangest dream of a council flat or house in a place I’ve never been that accommodated generations of my family who are dead. There they were enclosed and co-habiting in an unremarkable, minimal yet somehow adequate space. I just walked about amazed and they were terribly animated but only in their corner. The ones who are still living were their actual age and the ones who are dead were just how they look in pictures, stalled at that pictorial age. They drank tea, all of them, sans exception. It was kinda like a museum exhibit.

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