Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

Last night I had a v curious test at the hospital where they inject dye into your vein (blood) and fire you into a tunnel simultaneously. What follows is a surge of heat from the top of your head to the other end — a zippo lighter effect!

Technology and tests are often passive. Put your arms out, take a picture, squash body part into square and don’t move. This one was active! There was something sporty in the instruction we’re injecting the dye now spurt, spurt, spurt and then slide, whirr tunnel and SURGE — did a small arrow just pass through me?

Hospitals are a crossroads where in the morphine mid song you meet your fellow humans on a parallel platform covered in the same standard issue hot blanket.  The man beside me at the tunnel intersection had lost the use of his hands after waking one night to sudden onset numbness below his shoulders. Another man had temporarily lost the use of his hands because he was rolling drunk, abusive and post a pub brawl the RCMP had to handcuff him to the bed so his injuries could be treated.

Today thanks to the great medical care and their various infusions I am significantly improved.

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