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A fella, construction worker, on his break just anon-ish bought me a coffee at Max’s. Stood in the queue, extremement jetlag and out of it, fresh of the plane, having bumped into my good friend Ita (how lovely is that! Letterfrack on a Vancouver morning.) in my Catherine Deneuve raincoat he just passed it to me.

God bless him, you gotta love the navvies they understand fatigue. So whacked out I could barely thank the stranger, so Ita was left to remark on him “that was very nice.”

I think it’s the raincoat. I knew it would improve me. My small male assured me of it. My sis had been complaining that she  did not like the old green MEC mac, so there was pressure to improve. Dublin-style an all. Molly was mad on style let’s not forget.

Vancouver is always lovely when I return, weatherwise, ever bright blue, just for that first hour of along the street beleagured wandering, enough to say bienvenue. After that it can do whatever it wants!

And the garden, or the patch of garden is a credit to that blue. Aside from the fox-got-the-beans drama.

Gardeners: my pototaoes are high with green foliage and white flowers, should I pull them now? They rather overshadow the tomato plants. Or does that only mean I’ve too much nitrogen in my soil and when I pull them will it be a sad affair below the surface that could lead to regret? Advice please.

Also there’s some white thing, root veg, might be a turnip pushing up, it looks fat but not as I imagine turnips to look since it’s long, fat looking. I’ve no idea what it is at all.

And why no lettuce has appeared despite a plethora of planting? Is it my soil? If spuds are happy and lettuce is not: what’s up??

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  • Lori W. says:

    I asked my mom about the potatoes, since I have forgotten. Leave them for two weeks and then feel around for some small ones on the top–the babies you take for a first harvest. The later ones will develop thicker skins to store better and will be larger potatoes.

  • mrsokana says:

    Thanks Lori.

    I shall attempt this surgical undertaking… someone else said sandy soil and not to water too much.

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