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Paris by soir. Chaud, chaud, chaudisimo. 32 degrees. Plenty of football. No matter which timezone we are in my son insists it’s a priority to obtain a football and is consumed with this undertaking in the shadow of Church finery and winding, dipping streets of Montmatre. The Seine is basically looking like a good spot to play tag for us.

We had fun hanging out up at the counter discussing handballs and Argentine goals in wonky French with dismayed Frenchmen and Fanta beer. Oh and pinball. Ace old pinball machines and bookshops bien sur. I think we might be busy enough without paying much heed to the taller and mapped stuff. We like the streets. Paris is quite the city of and for nattering…it invites it with all these tables dehors.

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  • Sara says:

    Liam reports that the Eiffel Tower has a great view of a football field below.

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