Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

The orthognathic/maxillo facial dilemma appears to be caused by impact exercise which is a darn, great, mighty pity. Not sure how this one will or could resolve. If it is the site of the original now fifteen year old pins, I think only surgery would remove them. But they’d be difficult to isolate at this point? I recall waking up after the third surgery, my surgeon, approaching the bed to explain to my eyes as swollen as two melons that, well, one of the facial plates they’d removed was stubborn as all hell and how he’d had to use major brute force to remove it.

But I ain’t defecting on the tumbling ambitions. The back handspring was even admired by the janitor at the gymnastics facility the other night. He was standing above and I was below on the trampoline working with the coach and he called down his admiration, which was generous of him and appreciated. There’s nothing like having someone bear witness appreciatively to a physical feat or any kind of effort.

There was another woman who has magnificent strength who was doing a handstand where she lifts each arm singularly while she remains in that handstand position to touch each shoulder. It’s horse like. In order to do this, she requires extraordinary shoulder strength and she does this again and again entirely composed. Last week, an older man, whose recently started training was so flabbergasted by her ability he exclaimed how hard it is for him to merely attain the handstand position and that he couldn’t imagine how she could manage it. The physical body can testify in its own language that I enjoy. No smarty pants quips, no amount of disrespectful indignation or snide dismissal or insisting you know things you do not know can overwhelm the matter of whether of not you can stand on your hands!

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