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Wondering if anyone out there knows anything about orthognathic surgery (as it is referred to in N America/maxillofacial in England). I had a bimax osteotomy around 1995 (to treat malocclusion) and a few subsequent day surgeries to remove infected pins and the titanium plate things on both upper mandible.

Lower right mandible has started giving me trouble and I think it may relate to impact exercise. The spot where they sawed or cut that jaw is pronounced to touch and v painful to touch and a bit achy. Is it possible for the jaw bone to shift? There are only 3 pins left and I think they are on that side, but I visualized them much higher up closer to the joint, which doesn’t entirely make sense. I’ll have to look up the surgical procedure and see exactly where they pin the lower jaw.

In the meantime: If you had orthognathic surgery do you recognize any of these descriptions – close to 15 years post-op! ?

If you perform these surgeries do you know whether longer term the bones can shift or does the surgical site respond to the body being jolted ie. acrobatics… I never noticed anything like this before and have not received a biff or bump to that side of my jaw or is it possible for the spot where the jaw was broken to become infected a decade later? Or can the jaw get bone sequestrum?


Oh and the lwr mandible was an advancement (either 12mm or 4mm, I can recall which) and I think it must have been BSSO (bilateral sagittal split osteotomy) technique which according to the lit was popular at the time.

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