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Comment c’est

The slugs have deforested my bean planting and are giving me grief. Found two pesky buggers muddling about munching in the teeny string of foliage left. They are in the 15mm – 20mm range which suggests they were birthed in my cabbage patch. The small male suggested rings of salt around the plants so we tried that on a few chosen precious ones but soon ran out of salt.

Tall male had excellent slug baiting knowledge being the offspring of a Cortes Island gardener and generally botany smart and had a three point slug capture plan which begins with beer. I’ll be heading off to the cabbage patch armed with a tin of Shaftesbury.

Another unfortunate is I appear to be distinctly allergic to something in my cabbage patch and return after each visit with sore throat like I’ve been drinking paint stripper. Hope it’s some early season thing that will calm once the sun shines and stuff starts sprouting.

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  • Lori W. says:

    Also eggshells. You need to save your eggshells and put the all around the plants.

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