Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

In a sharp switch in tone, days like today, what a grim day, a day where we wonder when will enough be enough, or is the well bottomless? A day where language fails us. The convenient toss of words like “regrets”  regrets! One regrets missing a bus, or dropping a glass or knocking a cup of tea, one doesn’t “regret” in relation winching commandos nor the subsequent murder of protestors on an aid ship.  It was no tepid, tentative action that earned these tepid words.

And what exactly will these activists be charged with? Being on a boat, in international waters? Isn’t that like being convicted of taking the ferry?

It’s interesting to see which governments will come out and condemn this action. And our own government spineless propping up Netanyahu handing him the telephone to convey the order to shoot these people. And just as our government doesn’t represent our condemnation, so too does the Israeli government not act for nor express the will of the many people engaged in the peace movement there.

The indefinable it of it is not just depressing it is arresting. You’re powerless and feel like this desperate lunacy will never stop.  Like I said days like today. What will become of us all? We’ve been here before, it’s hard to recall how it ends. It does end, doesn’t it?

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