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The weather, ce soir, is close. I have that sky encroaching (barometric pressure) headache. It may also be caused by a glimpse at a perplexing series of headlines such as this one from tomorrow’s Irish Times:

Single parents to lose welfare payment when child turns 13

(and the costs after that child turns 13 go up, up, up! Bright stuff lads. Well done. )

Earlier this week there was a headline that said 1 in 25 in Ireland are in mortgage arrears, while their tax dollars go to fund NAMA.

Then this headline from

Auto-erotic B.C ads too racy: minister

(refers to an abandoned ICBC TV ad campaign to educate young male drivers that cost 2 million, but was deemed too racy and has been dumped)

And finally from The Vancouver Sun.

B.C officials admit warnings over ‘little girl’ parties based on hearsay.

(story that broke earlier this week of grade 8 girls being targeted for sexual conquest competition by older high school teens)

Collectively these headlines suggest we don’t have a clue what we are doing. An attempt to educate in the middle headline is cut down, a need to educate is bungled, and in the first the mere possibility of educating will be effected.

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