Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

A pair of black glasses has been found in Campbell River!

How to figure out if they are mes lunettes though? I could ask Superstore if they’ll watch my literary weather forecast on youtube and match them. Or I could boat and drive it back to Campbell River to discover they’re not mine!

There’s a new greasy spoon/rubby caff I need to sample up there… should I continue my tradition of extravagance/expenditure for a plate of egg and chips. Last year I did a research trip to the same spot to visit a particular diner, that turned out to be a bust compared to what I’d remembered of it. The imagination is always better.

Eyesight, however, does not improve with imagination.

Had an exchange with my friend with whom I purchased the his and hers Betty’s specs all those years ago. He was astonished I still had them, noting that actually yes his original pair were still tucked away in the cupboard. I debated trying to go back to Betty when I hit Dublin. Then he updated me on the price of his last pair since he’s gone  all Hugo Boss subsequently.  I won’t be joining him chez Hugo! Betty had a bunch of original 50’s frames that her father had sold way back in the day. I actually still have those red curvy “extra set of eyebrows” 50’s specs someplace here. A bit of superglue where I snapped them and new lenses may work. Maybe I could bring them back to Betty. She does a fine eyetest, does Betty, even tho’ it’s in another timezone.

There’s also an optician up by Quebec and Broadway who does a great job, but the glasses you need to sell a to a fattened Angus cow to afford.

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