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The befuddling prospect of finding a new set of glasses, on a budget that wouldn’t buy a reasonable pair of leg warmers. How I am challenged! To understand exactly which glasses had travelled with me, since I purchased them at Betty’s (Grants) along the Quays near Temple Bar in Dublin and lost them somewhere between Nanaimo, Campbell River and Cortes Island, could be a good start.

Trevor Linden, the hockey man, has a nice set on the advert, but are they made of the lenses I lost in Campbell River Trevor? How come you’ve no real information in that advert! He just puts them on, takes them off, flings his hook and puts them on again. The language of spectacles needs translation for I cannot entirely comprehend it. Progressives, or not? + and – numbers and so on.

Today I tried to demystify the experience at the cheapo ready-made spectacle stand. I was very taken with the styles. A lavender set. Took the eye test. Cannot read the top 3 lines, check the number and put the matching specs on to … some very fuzzy rendition of a line of products in the next aisle so blurred they are a mystery. Down the numbers to the lesser value, same problem. I guess I did not mislay  a set of reading glasses.

Back to the Optician route and the cost is that of a plane ticket to Paris practically.

14+ years Betty’s specs and I were united. This is a very costly divorce. Acrimonious. Might have to go back to the Quays to resolve this.

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