Anakana Schofield – Award Winning Author of Bina, Martin John and Malarky

In the pew for Hugh

Wonderful tense momentito outside Vancity Cinema last night at the Hugh Brody event. A man threw an absolute conniption at the ticket window, over what I am not entirely sure … Hugh was basically mobbed with viewers wanting to attend his film 1919 in a cinema the size of a square cutlery drawer. It’s a great cinema, as long as the city does not turn up.  I love, being short, the enormous chairs, bit like going on holiday in first class cabin of a plane with the blessing of no take off, nor landing.

The display was worthy of an anthropology study. Not least when a man in the queue behind me was selected to go into the cinema with the greeting “are you on your own? it’s your lucky night.” Selected only cos he was a male alone! No further qualification! I had to search google images to ensure that the male who collected him was not Mr Brody. No he was not. But Mr B was spotted further up the pavement in another ticketty transaction with a bearded male.

Next time I attend Vancity or Hugh mob I am going to wear my testicles. The set that extend down to my ankles, so there can be no mistake.

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